There are a number of factors that could prompt someone to have their horses treated. The Veterinary Surgeon may have suggested it, or the owner/trainer may have noticed that the horse is stiff, unsound, or exhibiting a shortened stride.


There may have been a decreased level of performance for no apparent reason, or a difficulty executing certain movements. The horse could be hanging to the right or left.


Sudden behavioural changes can also be an indication of a misalignment in the musculo-skeletal system and a result of pain or discomfort.


A treatment using osteopathic techniques can also simply help maintain mobility in an older animal or enhance performance.


Many clients have their horses treated on a regular basis as a matter of course, to prevent problems occurring or escalating. It is much less stressful on the horse’s body to treat a problem as soon as possible. This is because over time the body starts to compensate elsewhere, causing secondary problems.